Return & Refund Policy

1) Every purchase of our company's goods; if you want to replace it, you need to attach a receipt as a proof or other proof of purchase.

2) The replacement period for online purchases is within 5 days, and for stores within 7 days. (Calculation starts on the day the customer gets the product)

3) The replacement product must be intact, that is, the label is intact, the product has not been used, the replacement has no scratches, no wear (break), has not been washed, and maintains the original quality and function.

4) We accepts replacement products that are equal to or higher than the original replacement product, but need to pay the excess balance.

5) Online customers can enjoy the first replacement without reason, customers only needs to bear the cost of mailing back, and the company will be responsible for the cost of posting to the seller's address; if the second or more replacement is made, the buyer will bear all the posting costs.

6) If it is a replacement caused by a quality problem, we will bear all the posting costs. Our team will strictly check each sold product to meet the quality standards.

7) Some products do not enjoy replacement service:

-Involving special orders, modified or personalized or customized products

-40%-50% or more promotional items

8) Except for products with quality problems, our company does not provide refund services for the time being. 

9) The quality issues include:

  1. Wrong size of clothes customized; Eg: size marked L, actually only S
  2. The buttonsof clothes is missing, the zipper is broken, the sleeves are uneven in length, the clothes is broken.
  3. Uneven product dyeing and needle thread defects seriously affect the appearance.

(If the clothes are damaged due to human factors, it will not meet the requirement of return and refund.)